Best Free In-App Purchase Tweaks For Jailbroken iPhones/iPads

Almost every app in the App Store comes with a feature, called In-app purchases. It’s a kind of subscription to encourage users to spend money on purchasing items or upgrade their characters in the game or simply remove the advertisement.

However, if you already have your iOS device jailbroken, there are some tweaks from Cydia to help you get in-app purchases for free. It will basically bypass the payment method and then unlock the exclusive content for you. Here are the best four in-app purchase tweaks you should try.


This one is the most popular in-app purchase tweak that the jailbreak community is using. The newest version of LocaliAPStore is compatible with iOS 10 for almost of apps.

To install LocaliAPStore on your jailbroken iPhone/iPad

  1. Launch Cydia
  2. Reload sources
  3. Add the source:
  4. Once you install LocalIAPStore, go to your Settings app
  5. Move to its dedicated page and choose Enable

All you need to do now is opening an in-app purchase game then tap on a specific package that you want and check if you can get without charging.

iAP Cracker

Another in-app purchase tweak you can try is using iAP Cracker. However, there are not many users use it, as the tweak has not yet to support the jailbroken iOS 10 version using Yalu. But, if you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad running on any firmware below, it works perfectly. You can install this tweak from the HackYouriPhone repository (

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This is an upgraded version of the iAPCrazy tweak. The tweak now works with iOS 9.x to 10.2. If the LocaliAPStore doesn’t work, iAPCrazy2 would be a great replacement for you. Its repo is


The last tweak in our list is the iAPFree tweak. However, you should notice that it is only compatible with iOS 6 and 7 versions. Although it works well, the supported version is too low. You can install the tweak on your iPhone from this repo:

These are the best four in-app purchase tweaks for your jailbroken iPhone/iPad. I hope they work well on your device. Share your thoughts with us in the comment below.

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