Best Cydia Tweaks for Electra Jailbreak in iOS 11

Those who don’t know the newly updated Electra jailbreak tool for iOS 11 was just released as of last week, so the jailbreak iOS users can start tweaking out your device. This post today will introduce you the top jailbreak tweaks that you should not skip. To check all these tweaks in working, you should know the functions of each tweak as well as how they can transform the look of your jailbroken device. Now, keep reading this post and dive in.


Best Cydia Tweaks for Electra Jailbreak

  1. NoMoreSmallApps

It’s a new tweak that can expand the UI of apps for iPhone X devices. Almost apps will fit the new screen size on the iPhone X.


  1. HideLabels10


This tweak allows hiding all icon labels to get a clearer look on the home page.


  1. AutoRotate

After installing this tweak, you can rotate your iPhone into landscape mode right on the home screen.


  1. BioProtect X

You can now lock down your apps with FaceID on your iPhone X just by installing this tweak.


  1. NudeKeys

Install this tweak if you want to remove the 3D effect on the keyboard.


  1. BatteryPercentX


Installing the tweak helps in removing the battery indicator and then replacing it with a Battery percent.


  1. CCMusicArtwork


It allows adding album artwork in the music widget on the control center.


  1. DoubleTapLock


Once you install this tweak, simply double-tap on the home screen to sleep your device.


  1. EasySwitcherX


After installing this tweak, you no longer have to tap and hold on your app in the app switcher. To close an app from the app switcher, simply swipe it up.


  1. TapTime


This tweak lets you tap on the clock in the status bar to open the current date.

  1. TapticKeys


You can get the haptic feedback just by every tap of your finger on your phone.


  1. Dismiss Progress

When installing a tweak, it will normally require you to tap on “Restart Springboard” for proceeding. This tweak comes with a button at the top right corner, which allows closing that screen and return to Cydia.


  1. Flame

This tweak has a number of different options in Cydia, which is more usable such as adding multiple sources at once or sharing tweaks, etc.


  1. DoubleCut

After installing the tweak, you can easily create some custom text strings pasted when double-tapping on a certain key on your keyboard.


  1. SwipeForMore

You should not skip this tweak on your device if you use Cydia on a regular basis. It lets you swipe a package inside Cydia for revealing the common options such as install, uninstall, queue an install, and others.

  1. SneakyCam


This tweak comes with the ability to record videos as well as take photos without showing the camera while proceeding.

  1. Notchless

It allows getting rid of the notch from the iPhone X.


  1. EclipseX


The latest edition of Eclipse, EclipseX provides your device the dark mode.

  1. FiveIconDockXI

You will be able to place 5 icons in the dock when using the tweak.


  1. FlatSafariURL

With this small tweak, you will get a more flat look for the Safari URL bar.


  1. Barmoji  


Barmoji will make use of the blank space of the keyboard on your iPhone X and add your favorite emojis.


  1. MessageTypingIndicators

When you are texting to someone with iMessage, it will show an ellipse to the receiver while typing. This tweak helps you hide that.


  1. InteliX

With this tweak, you can easily categorize all your notifications flowing by application, rather than the default by time.

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  1. Togglesafe


This tweak offers the option for booting in safe mode just by flipping 3 times the mute switch.


  1. TapTapFlip

This tweak will bring all functions of the SnapChat camera to the stock iOS camera app on your device and let you double-tap on the screen to flip the camera.


  1. ByeByeHUD

The tweak removes the volume HUD as well as places the volume percentage into the top left corner.

Here are some typical tweaks that can get you to tweak out your jailbroken iOS device.  If you know other new tweaks, which are not listed here, let’s know in the comment below. We’re glad to hear from you.

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