How To Recover Deleted Messages On Your iPhone

Have you lost or deleted the important messages on your iPhone? If yes, you should not worry, as there are now a few ways to help you recover the deleted messages on your iPhone, which are using iCloud, using iTunes, and using third-party apps. So, in this post, we’ll show you step-by-step guide with each method to help in restoring your iPhone messages.


If you previously made a backup of your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes, you can easily restore the messages from the backup. Unfortunately, iCloud cannot back up texts in all territories currently. So, if the following method does not work, you should move to the second method to do so.

  • First, visit and log in your Apple ID and password
  • Choose Text Messages (if your messages haven’t been backed up).
  • Now launch Settings on your iPhone and tap on iCloud.
  • Disable Text Messages
  • You’ll now see a pop-up. Simply choose ‘Keep on My iPhone’.
  • Now enable the text messages again.
  • Tap on ‘Merge‘, and wait for a few minutes, the deleted text messages will then appear back on your iPhone.

You can also restore your iPhone from an iCloud backup before the text messages were deleted. Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage.

If you do then, you can perform a factory reset on your iPhone before restoring it through the iCloud backup. Keep in mind that that the last iCloud backup time/date will be available under the Back Up Now button.


If the iCloud method didn’t work with you, you should try the second method, which is to recover the deleted text messages using an iTunes backup. It might be the best solution.

If you have not disabled the automatic sync option in your iTunes, you should create a backup every time you sync your iPhone with your computer.

  1. Plug your iPhone into the PC for the synchronization. iTunes will then open (if not, click on it manually).
  2. Your iPhone icon should now appear, choose it.
  3. Select ‘Restore backup’.
  4. All your data previously backed up will then replace the current data on your phone. The process will take some minutes. As long as you haven’t backed up subsequent to deleting the messages, you should then see them on your phone.

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Third Party Software

If none of above methods helps you, it is time to get the help from some third-party apps, which have a good online reputation, such as Enigma RecoveryPhoneRescue by iMobieWonderShare Dr.Fone for iOS, or Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery.

Although you have ‘deleted’ the messages, they still remain on your device until overwritten, so using these third-party apps allow you to recover the deleted messages. However, there are no guarantees if they are completely useful.