What We Should Expect  iPhone, iPad, iOS in 2018

2017 was a pretty successful year for Apple with the new release of iPhone X, which was claimed to be the beginning of the next ten years for iPhone. But iOS still want more. Here’s what we expect to see from Apple in 2018.

More iPhones

The iPhone X was the attractive smartphone in 2017, but it’s still a new generation of iPhone hardware. So, in 2018, many iOS users expect an upgrade of the iPhone X like appearing an iPhone X Plus version with a big OLED screen. Although the iPhone ‘s screen is currently very great, a bunch of iPhone Plus users love a larger iPhone X.

The one “old” phone many iPhone users want to see in 2018 is the new iPhone SE generation. It’s been two years since the first launch of iPhone SE with a small 4-inch display and at a low price. It doesn’t need to be updated the screen size, but it’s about time for the better level specs and a new design.

iPads with thinner edges

The iPad Pro had a very successful year as it came with the updates across the board. It’s expected to be more difficult for the 2018 iPad Pro generation. In 2018, the next iPad Pro should reduce the bezels and remove the home button, replacing with the Face ID as iPhone X.

The fervent believers in the iPad Pro expect more improvements from Apple to make the iPad Pro be more similar to a “real” computer, such as the USB-C port and broadening the range of the support for external USB devices.

Currently, there are two accessories that can only work on iPad Pro models: the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard. Both of them could use a refresher. A new Pencil should be shorter, as well as support the inductive charging, include a side button. A new Smart Keyboard should come with more function keys for controlling media.

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iOS 12 expectations

2017 could be seen a bad year of iOS 11 as it suffered negative feedback from iOS users relating to the performance, lag, frozen issues. The worst problem was that Apple quietly reduced the performance of iPhones from iOS 10.2.1 version and during the iOS 11 version. The upcoming iOS version is expected to get rid of this issue.

This fall, Apple will introduce the iOS 12. First, many iPad Pro users want an update for the multitasking features. They want the multitasking feature to get more refined, as it can pair the same app with different partners or create two instances of the similar app at once.

The Control Center put at the top right corner on the iPhone X seems to be difficult for use. So, in iOS 12 version, Apple should merge the multitasking feature and the Control Center on the iPhone as they’ve done on the iPad, or take advantage of 3D touch.

The discontinuity between the interfaces for the iPhone and iPad needs to be distinguished at some sections. Currently, they are still similar, which means that using iPhone and iPad drops might cause you an interface confusion.

These are things we can expect with iPhones, iPads, and iOS in 2018. Let’s know your thought in the comment below.