How To Fix Face ID Issues On iPhone X

iPhone X comes with a dozen of new features as promised by the company. The most outstanding feature of Apple iPhone X is certainly its Face ID security, which is claimed to be a new level of security. However, it is not as secured as stated by Apple. A few companies successfully hacked the FaceID and the problem even didn’t end there when there was a complaint from a Chinese woman that her iPhone X could also unlock when showing her friend’s face.

Main reasons come from the use of back covers. Some back covers cover the sensors, which hinders the signals, so the Face ID feature cannot work properly. So, if you are using an iPhone X and in the same trouble, take care of few things before giving any conclusions:

  • Ensure your whole face is in the vision range of the camera.
  • Don’t let your face too close to the camera while using FaceID.
  • Don’t use Face ID with anyone else in the background.
  • Remove any cloth or jewelry on your face.
  • Use Face ID feature in good lighting

Although Face ID is stated to work in the dim light and it is also designed to work perfectly with sunglasses, but in case the sunglasses are covering the certainly important parts of your face, the issues will appear.

Reset Face ID

Despite turning Face ID Off/On, your FaceID is still having troubles; you should try resetting Face ID. Doing this will remove all the saved configurations of your face and you then need to set up your ID once again. The Face ID issues might happen because your face wasn’t configured properly. You can easily do it by following these steps

  • Launch Settings app on your iPhone X –> Face ID & Password –> Reset Face ID

Set up your new Face ID and then check if your issues have been fixed.

Reset Settings

If resetting Face ID does not help you, you can then try resetting All Settings. To do so, follow the following steps

  • Go to Settings –> General –> Reset –> Reset All Settings

Update To Latest iOS Version

Another method to resolve the FaceID issues is checking if you have updated your iPhone X to the latest iOS version. If your phone is not updated, it can be the reason for those issues. Go to Settings > Software Update and check out for the available updates for your iPhone X.

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Restore Your iPhone

If none of the above solutions didn’t work, you might then need to restore your iPhone X. We recommend you first to back up your data on the cloud service or other storages and then you reset your device to the default factory settings. Resetting your device will remove some software glitches on your phone.

Contact To Apple

After trying all methods, but it does not take effect, there is only one option left for you. You should go to the Apple Store and have your phone fixed as it may get some physical or technical damage. They are causing the issues with the camera and your Face ID does not work properly.