How to send live videos in Instagram directly

The latest Instagram update version 26.0 for iPhone includes new features, and a useful capability for those who like to send their own live video broadcast to a friend using the built-in messaging feature, called Direct. It allows Instagram users to easily send their live video even if they are currently broadcasting with friends.

Before getting started, check again that you have already installed the latest 26.0 version of the Instagram app on your iPhone. The older versions do not support sending live videos .

Steps to Send your live video in Instagram

To send your favorite live video to your friends, simply do the following steps:

  1. Open Instagram app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the Camera icon at the top-left corner or swipe right from anywhere to launch the Instagram camera.
  3. Now, tap on Live at the bottom, then choose Start Live Video.
  4. After broadcasting, tap on Direct icon at the bottom-right.

Note: If you’re broadcasting with a friend, this option is also available.

  1. Choose a friend to send the live video to them by tapping Send button.

Your recipient will then receive your live broadcast in the Direct inbox with a notification. In case your live video already ends, the message will say the video has ended.

At this time, the Instagram does not allow you to send the replays of live videos in Direct. But, you are permitted to upload a live video replay to your Story right after you end your live video.

How to Send someone else’s live video in Direct

If you are only a viewer, the Direct feature also allows you to send someone else’s live broadcast to a friend, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open Instagram app on your iPhone.
  2. Choose a live video broadcast in your feed that you want to share with others.

NOTE: When someone that you follow shares a live video, there will be a colorful ring around their profile picture at the top and the “Live” word will display on the screen.

  1. While watching a person’s live video, simply tap on Direct icon at the bottom, and select who you’d like to send the live broadcast to, then tap on  Send button at the bottom of your screen.

Any live video broadcast no matter yours or others that you’ve sent to friends will be saved in their Direct inbox.

The ability to send live videos is a great method so that you can promote your content on Instagram. From then, your friend would feel interested in joining in the fun.

If your Instagram account is not public, just your followers can see your live video.

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Disable live video sharing

To disable the live video sharing, do these following steps

  1. Tap on the Profile icon locating in the rightmost tab at the bottom.
  2. Now choose Settings cog icon next to your profile page.
  3. Select Story Settings in a list of options.
  4. Turn the share live video broadcasts in Direct option off.