How To Install, Update, Delete Apps On iPhone X

You have just purchased an iPhone X and are wondering how to make it best. Well, the apps will make your usage more fun. The app store comes with a million of the exciting apps and you can easily get them on your iPhone X. In this post, we will discuss how to install, update, and delete apps on your iPhone X.

Install, Update, And Delete Apps On iPhone X

The processes to install, update, or delete apps on the iPhone X are very. You can follow the explanation below.

Steps To Install Apps On iPhone X

  • To install apps on your new iPhone X, make sure your device is connected to the internet. You can use the cellular data or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Next, enable an Apple ID on your new iPhone. If you have one, just enter it. But if you do not have, you should create an Apple ID.
  • Now, launch the App Store.
  • After you see a search icon at the bottom left corner, simply tap on it.
  • In the search box, type the app or game you want to download.
  • After you find it, tap on its name.
  • Next, simply tap GET button there and then follow the on-screen instructions to download the app. Once done, you will see the app icon on the Home screen.

That’s how to install apps on iPhone X. Well, it is super easy.

How To Update Apps On iPhone X

We recommend you to keep the apps up to date with the best performance. The updates will include the new features as well as the bug fixes. To update apps on iPhone X, do the steps below:

  • First, open the App Store.
  • Next, tap on the Updates button from the bottom right corner.
  • You can choose to update one by one or update all by tapping on Update All button.
  • Enter your password when you’re prompted and the update will start.

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How To Delete Apps On iPhone X

Deleting app on iPhone X is very simple. There are several ways to delete an app from your iPhone X. Here are two main ways to delete an app from iPhone X. You can choose the one that you like the most.

Method 1:

The first method is very easy. Simply press and hold the app icon you want to delete and a cross sign will now appear. Tap on it again and the app will be deleted from your iPhone X. But you should make sure to tap the icon gently as the hard press will lead to the Touch ID menu. This is the reason why you should prefer the next method.

Method 2:

The next method to remove apps on your iPhone X comes from the settings menu. To do so, go to Settings > General > Storage and choose the app you want to delete. Here you will see two options, including offload apps and delete apps. Choose your favorite option. Delete app will erase everything relating to that app including the data. So, you should keep in mind before deleting the app.