Recover Deleted Photos On iPhone Without Backup

We at some point have done something stupid in our lives, such as deleting some important photos on our phones or computers.  There is an accident as you didn’t save any backup of your pictures, at least your important photos. That’s why our post today will help you recover the deleted photos on your iPhone without any backup handy.

Although bringing the deleted phones from iPhone back is not an easy task, there are still some tools available that are expected to recover the deleted photos if you forgot to back up. These tools can help you recover deleted photos from iPhone just with a few clicks.

Steps to Recover Deleted Photos without Having Backup

Here are steps you can use to restore the deleted photos from your iPhone properly.

Step 1: Download and install required Software

Whenever you delete anything on your phone, it isn’t completely deleted on your device. If you make something stupid, make sure you have not turned off your device or clear the apps, or do any action relating the phone’s memory. Next, turn on your MAC or PC and download Primo data recovery tool. Once the download is completed, you need to install the app.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to computer

Once the installation is done, plug your iPhone into your Windows PC or MAC and open the software. The computer will now automatically detect your iPhone. After that, you can now scan it for the deleted files that are available.

You will see 4 options available in order to recover the deleted photos as well as other data on your iPhone, but we here only use the iDevice Recovery mode to get back the deleted iPhone photos. Other options only work if there is a backup taken by iTunes or iCloud.

Step 3: Scan iPhone using iDevice recovery mode

Now, click on “iDevice Recovery mode” to recover the deleted photos on your iPhone if you have no backup saved on the computer, iTunes. After the computer detects your iPhone, click on “Next” button.

The app will now start analyzing your device and the process will need a few minutes, so enjoy a coffee and relax. But you should make sure not to disconnect while the process is going on. You can see the progress in the percentage bar.

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Step 4: Choose photos from scan result

Once the scan is complete, it’s time to choose the Only list deleted option to recover the deleted photos on your iPhone.

Now, choose the destination that you want to save them on your device or your computer. We recommend you to choose your PC or Mac to save up your iPhone’s memory for storing other data.

Once done, you will be prompted a notification. Simply choose Click Here to verify if all the deleted files are recovered.

That’s how to recover the deleted photos from iPhone without having any backup. We hope the post today you can follow easily. If you have any trouble, do let us know in the comments section.