How To Switch From Windows Phone to iPhone

If you intend to change from using a Windows phone to an iPhone, you will see it’s a big step. Unlike Android, there is no app for Windows phone to transition from a Windows phone to an iOS device. So, in this post today, we’ll help you move data like contacts, email, apps, media and more with the help of the cloud services.


How to Move Data from a Windows phone to iPhone

We advise you by first downloading iTunes to your computer so that you can use it to back up your data, run troubleshoots, or transfer big files. So before proceeding, download iTunes for Windows PC.

Transfer Contacts, Calendars, Email from Windows Phone to iPhone

You can take advantage of your Microsoft account to transfer all contacts, emails, calendars from your Windows phone to your new iPhone. But we still suggest you make a backup first before starting.

First, go to Settings on your iPhone and select Accounts & Password > Add account and choose the account including your email, contacts, and calendar. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to log in to your account.

After adding your account, make ensure that you have enabled sync for the data you want to transfer to your iPhone.

Now, head to the Accounts screen > tap the new Account > Mail, it will start syncing > Tap Contacts and also turn syncing on. Finally,  choose Calendars and Notes and enable syncing.

Microsoft account will now start importing all your email, contacts as well as calendar into your native iPhone apps. You should also remember to download the Microsoft Outlook app on your iPhone to manage the mail and calendar.

Transfer Photos & Videos from Windows Phone to iPhone

The best way to transfer the images and videos on your Windows phone to iPhone is using a cloud service. You can use OneDrive or Dropbox to help you do that.

So, if you OneDrive, make sure you have uploaded all your photo and videos to it. Now, install OneDrive app from the Apple Store and you can check all your photos from there.

In case you use Dropbox, you just do the same for what you did with OneDrive. Simply install the Dropbox app on your iPhone you can then access all your photos and videos.

Another method is using a USB-cable to transfer all photos and videos on your Windows phone to your computer. After that, drag and drop them to your Photos app on Mac or to your Photos folder on Windows computer.

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Transfer Music from Windows Phone to iPhone

iTunes is a great tool to transfer music from your Windows phone to iPhone. If you have already saved your music on your computer, simply launch iTunes and then import music and sync it with your iPhone.

You can also use Spotify to do so, just install it from App Store: Download Spotify for iOS. In case you want to download any Microsoft app for iPhone, simply download Microsoft apps from App Store.

Here is how you can transfer all data to your Windows Phone to your new iPhone. If you like this post, let’s know in the comment.