Top Cloud Storage Apps for iOS and Android

Using cloud technology is now very helpful because you won’t lose any of the saved data. Sometimes, storing the private data on your phone is quite risky as you might lose or be stolen your phone. But this can be solved with the cloud technology as it can protect your valuable data and files. For iOS users, you can take advantage of iCloud to save your files and data. But iCloud comes with some limitations like the limited access to folders and documents. That’s the reason why many users don’t like iCloud. So if you usually use cloud storage, but don’t like iCloud, here are five best cloud storage apps for your smartphone.

  1. Google Drive

The first one on our list is Google Drive. It is a great alternative to iCloud when offering all the basic and advanced features of a cloud storage technology. You can grab this app for free from App Store and then easily save your files and documents in it. Google Drive also allows you to edit your documents and files in the real time. There are also a lot of extra features you can do like sharing the documents and files with others.

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  1. DropBox

There is no doubt as DropBox is one of the most favorite cloud storage apps for not only smartphones but also computers. The main reason comes from its compatibility as well as its simplicity. DropBox offers a very simple way to store, share, or even remove your files and folders right from the cloud.

Another amazing feature of DropBox comes from automatically syncing the photos of your device, which means you will not need to sync your photos manually. If you often use the cloud storage, you can take advantage of its automatic sync feature to sync all your pictures easily.

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  1. iDrive Online Backup

iDrive is one of the best cloud storage apps for your iOS or Android device. It can protect your private information and back up the data on your phone with a private key encryption. You will be able to back up and restore contacts, videos, photos, and calendars just by a single tap. iDrive lets you access your data from anywhere, so you can easily sync files among the linked devices.

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  1. Box

The Box is another cloud storage app available for your Android and iOS device. It can be seen as an alternative to iCloud. If you are a basic cloud user and Box is probably suitable for you when it provides simple and easy instructions to edit your files.

Besides, it also offers to edit your files and photos directly from your device, which means you will not have to go to the cloud to edit them. You will also receive 10GB free of cloud storage with Box app, which is really great.

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  1. Mega

It’s a secure cloud storage app that provides you 50 GB free for the storage. When using the Mega app, your data will be encrypted and decrypted only by you. The app allows you to upload files directly from your smartphone or tablet then search, download, store, share, rename, and more on your files anytime, anywhere from the linked devices

Once more thing you should remember that if you set the encryption, it means no one can access or reset your password. You must take note it if you don’t’ want to lose the access to your stored files unless you have made a Recovery Key backup.

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Here is the list of the best cloud storage apps for your iOS and Android device that you can download them for free. Which one you like the best, let’s know in the comment