How To Fix FaceTime Not Working On Mac

The FaceTime for the Mac users comes with a great number of functionality. It is possible to receive video calls to users whose devices support FaceTime. However, sometimes Mac users have recently complained as they faced with FaceTime not working issue on their Mac. So if you are in the same difficulty, here are the methods to fix FaceTime not working on your Mac. However, you should keep in mind that FaceTime is only available on Macs running Mac OS X v10.6.6 or higher. Besides, remember that FaceTime does not support for all countries and regions.

Methods To Fix FaceTime Not Working On Mac

Verify Mac Meets System Requirements

To use FaceTime, your Mac needs to meet:

  • Make sure the OS X Mountaint Lion, OS X Lion or Mac OS X v10.6.6 (or higher) on your Mac to come with all security updates.

  • A poor internet connection also has a direct impact on FaceTime performance.
  • Check the built in FaceTime camera, an iSight Camera or a FireWire DV camcorder to ensure it is still working well.
  • Check the microphone that can be built in your Mac or an external one by connecting it to your audio input port.

If you have multiple cameras/microphones, choose your favorite one for FaceTime.

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Activate FaceTime on Mac

Of course, you will need an Apple ID to register and start using FaceTime on your Mac. To solve the FaceTime not working issue, make sure that the FaceTime registration validates your Apple ID and email address.

Once done, log in for FaceTime with your Apple ID. If you face the issues, just try the following steps:

  • Ensure the internet connection is active.
  • Make sure your Apple ID is valid.
  • Check your email address is verified by going to FaceTime -> Preferences. If it shows up ‘verifying’ screen, you need to follow the instructions in the verification email to finish the process.
  • Disable FaceTime then turn on again from FaceTime -> Preferences.

If the FaceTime not working issue still isn’t fixed, you should take these methods below. You can make a facetime call easily with your contacts; a phone number or email address. If you get further issues, try the possible fixes:

  • “Verify FaceTime” can be enabled from FaceTime -> Preferences. If the screen shows ‘Waiting for Activation’, just toggle FaceTime off and then enable it back on.
  • Make sure the Date, Time and Time Zone have been set correctly. To do so:
  1. Head to System Preferences -> Date & Time -> Date & Time.
  2. Here, choose ‘Set Automatically’.
  3. Choose the Time Zone and click on the closest city to you.
  • Ensure that the phone number and email address you use is correct for FaceTime.
  • Ensure that both parties are getting the latest software updates installed for yours and their Macs.

Simply follow these steps, you will be able to fix FaceTime not working issue on your Mac.