Best Features Of WatchOS 4

On September 12, Apple officially introduced the WatchOS 4version for Apple Watch devices. The new update has come with many new features and upgrades to make Apple Watches more fun. The Watch OS 4 supports all the watches. So, if you are planning to install the update, here is a list of the best new features of WatchOS 4.

Auto-Pause Running

The new ‘Running Auto Pause’ feature allows you to pause the watch when you stop and resume when it detects you have started moving again. To activate this feature, go to Workout in your Watch app on your iPhone. Here, toggle the ‘Running Auto Pause’ option on.

Sync Music With Ease

This new feature of WatchOS 4 is designed for people who love music. Apple did make syncing music with the WatchOS 4 easily. All you need to do is launching the Watch app on your iPhone and then choose Music. Apple Music subscribers will have an option to customize playlists synced to their Apple Watch whenever they do an update.

Switch Up Dock

The app preview feature has been redesigned in the new WatchOS 4. They now let you to view vertically instead of having to scroll from left to right to view them. All you need is using the Digital Crown and then scroll down the list. If you want to access the app, just tap to open it. Although the dock has been set to show out the recently used apps, you can change it to display your favorite list and then the recent ones. It can be done from your iPhone.

Simply go to Watch app > Dock > Favorites. Here you will see a list of apps for which you can set your favorite apps.


Along with iPhones, your Apple Watch will now have a flashlight as well. Although it cannot be as bright as on iPhones, but you can absolutely get light when you need it in the emergencies. To enable the light, just swipe from the bottom of the screen, here you will the quick toggles. Take note the flashlight icon and when tapping on it, you will get three options, including bright white setting, alternating option, and bright red screen.

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Heart Rate Alerts

You can now know your heart’s health with the WatchOS 4. The heart rate app on Apple Watch has come with a makeover. There is a new updated option that alerts you if your heart rate when you are resting. You can enable this feature in the Watch app on your iPhone. Next, tap on the Heart Rate app and set your Elevated Heart Rate notification to the threshold.

If you love these features on WatchOS 4, then you will just need to update your iPhone to iOS 11 version and then upgrade your Apple Watch to WatchOS 4. It can be done in General > Software Update and then follow the on-screen instructions.