How To Share YouTube Videos Via iMessages

Great news for iPhone/iPad users YouTube app now supports the iMessage. So, you can easily share your favorite YouTube videos right from within iMessage on your iPhone and iPad. After that, iMessage app allows you to quickly access to your recently watched videos. Moreover, it also lets you search videos you wish to share without needing to leave the conversation. If you are wondering on how to do this, read on this post.

Share YouTube videos with Share menu

If you’re in YouTube’s iOS app and want to share funny video with someone without quitting the app, you can follow these steps:

  1. Launch YouTubeapp and tap a video you want to share.
  2. Tap the Shareoption, and choose Messages from the menu.
  3. Enter an iMessage-enabled phone number or email address in the TO field. After that, write out your message if you’d like, and tap on blue arrow to send it.

Your recipient just needs to tap a link in the message to play the video right in the Messages app. They can also press the Volume icon at the top-right corner to adjust the sound as Messages plays all inline videos muted by default. You can also double tap to take the video to fullscreen mode.

Share YouTube videos using iMessage app

If you are in the conversation and don’t want to leave it, you can share a video quickly with the help of YouTube’s iMessage app (it requires version 12.38 and later). Here is how you can do this:

1) Tap on a conversation in the list.

2) Tap the App Store and choose YouTube icon in the Messages app at the bottom of the screen. In case you don’t see the icon, tap More from the right side of the app drawer, choose Edit, toggle YouTube switch to ON and hit Done button.

3) Choose the recently-watched video, then tap on the thumbnail to share it.

If you want to preview the video before sending, tap on three-dotted icon, then choose Play. The video will then play in fullscreen mode. To send it, tap Choose or go back, and tap the arrow at the upper-left corner.

To put it in simpler terms, your recipient cannot play the video if they don’t have the YouTube app installed on their iPhone/iPad. So, you just use this method only if you’re positive that your recipient is also using the YouTube app with its iMessage extension.

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Share YouTube videos by pasting URLs manually

You can also manually enter a YouTube URL into the chat box, or copy a link in Safari or other apps and then pasting directly into the text entry field within Messages.

Similar to the Share menu, pasting a raw link surely playbacks in the Messages app whether the other side has the YouTube app installed on their device or not.