Can’t Control Your iPhone Music on watchOS 4? Here is how to fix it

Some Apple Watch users who have recently their watch to watchOS 4 version are no able to control the music app on their iPhone from the watch. This feature has been deleted in the latest watchOS firmware.

There are many discussions and threads on the Apple forum to address this nasty surprise. Many people were complaining that they can control the music played from their iPhone on their Apple Watch. So, they want to know why Apple decided to remove the ability to control music on iPhone from the Apple Watch. Actually, WatchOS 4 version didn’t ditch this feature entirely, here’s a breakdown of the new changes.

Play music stored on Apple Watch

On watchOS 4 version, you are only able to select to play music that you’ve already synced with your Apple Watch. You will no longer browse music collection on your iPhone from the watch. All the songs now need to be transferred separately.

Controlling the iPhone Music app

Unlike the previous versions, in watchOS 4, if you started playing a song or playlist on your iPhone, you can now skip, pause, and more from your Watch, but you will no longer be able to browse music located on your iPhone from the Apple Watch.

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The Now Playing app

The current closest thing to controlling music from on your iPhone the Apple Watch is the Now Playing app. It can also be added to the watch face. Simply launch the Music app on your iPhone, then play a song, and it will display on the Now Playing feature on your Apple Watch. You can easily  pause, rewind, or skip a song.

There is a three dots button (Tap for more) that allows you to delete from library, love, or dislike.

We hope that this post can answer all of your confusion relating to the ability to control your iPhone’s music app from your Apple Watch running watchOS 4. If you want to downgrade the version, you can contact Apple for the help.