How To Skip Hulu Ads On iOS Devices

Hulu is a video streaming service offering premium television shows as well as popular videos with a low-cost monthly basis. They even have recently introduced a new service, called “Hulu with Live TV.” This program lets you watch live TV on your iOS device with the pricing of $39.99 a month.  Hulu is now no longer free and their subscription model is straightforward. The basic subscription is now at $7.99 per month. Although you have to spend money for a streaming service, Hulu still make its customer watch their commercials like a regular TV channel. If you are a Hulu subscription, but hate Hulu ads on the iPhone and want to watch your favorite shows without any interruption, we have now solution for you. In this post, we’ll show you two easy medthods to remove commercials on Hulu app for your iOS device.

Huu Tweak For Hulu

Huu is a new free jailbreak tweak to enhance the official Hulu app installed on your device. It comes with two features, which are disabling jailbreak detection in Hulu and allowing you to scrub through advertisements whenever you watch a Hulu video. As this is a tweak from Cydia, so it requires you to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to install it.

For those who have already done this, you can install Huu tweak for Hulu app from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. Once done, simply go to the Settings > Huu and enable “No Jailbreak Check.

Note: We recommend you to use this option if you’re an individual without money to buy the Feature Add-on.

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Hulu For No Commercials

If your device has not yet to be jailbroken or you are not able, there is a method to skip ads in Hulu. That’s updating to its Feature Add-on, called No Commercials. When you subscrib to Hulu, you will see the option to add in Hulu Commercial-Free option for an extra $4 per month. You can know more about that program by visiting here.

Although the second option might not be the best option, at least you can finally remove the annoying ads of Hulu app.