How to Turn Off 5 Most Annoying Features in iOS 11

The final iOS 11 version is now available to download. There are many new features and plenty of changes that you need to adapt to iOS 11 version. If your device is running on iOS 11, here are five most annoying iOS 11 features that you should turn them off. In this post, we’ll also help you to bring some iOS 10 functionality back. If you don’t want these new features, you can also downgrade to iOS 10 for a limited time.

Back Home From Multitasking

On iOS 10 and previous iOS versions, you can easily return to the home screen from multitasking. But there is no longer a home screen tab on the multitasking menu in iOS 11. To get back to the Home screen from the multitasking screen, there are now two ways:

  • First, tap on the top edge of the screen
  • Wipe all the way to the right and tap on the home screen.

Although they are different, they are an easy adjustment to return to the Home screen on your iOS 11 device.

Turn Off Auto Brightness Feature

Although Apple removes the capability to turn off auto brightness in iOS 11 from the main menu, it is still there. You can find it in Settings. Like other handy features, Apple buries it in the Accessibility.

Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility ->Display Accommodations -> Auto Brightness and turn it Off.

Most people often set to on, as the iPhones usually do well at adjusting, but if this annoys you, you can turn the auto brightness feature off.

Turn Off Press to Unlock iPhone

Apple made “press home to unlock” feature in iOS 10, and it’s still there in iOS 11. In iOS 10 and iOS 11 version, you have to push the home button after Touch ID reads your finger to navigate to the home screen.

If you want to simply rest your finger on the home button and then your iPhone unlocks, you can do this by heading to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Home button. Here you enable Rest Finger to Open option.

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Stop Seeing App Rating Review Prompts

Apple is pushing developers to use their prompts for asking app reviews. But if you hate seeing the rating for app reviews, you can disable them in iOS 11 by heading to Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> In-App Ratings & Reviews and turn it off.

Now any app including the Apple request will not ask you for the app rating anymore.

Actually Turn WiFi Off

You can tap on the Wi-Fi icon in the Control Center of iOS 11, but it doesn’t turn off Wi-Fi completely. Doing this now just disconnects from your current Wi-Fi, which means when you are far from home or driving away, you may re-connect to another Wi-Fi network.

You cannot change its functionality, but you can get around this by navigating to Settings -> WiFi -> Off. Even though it’s not convenient, if you find that Wi-Fi keeps reconnecting to the random networks, that’s what you should do.