2 Simple Ways to Take a Screenshot on iPhone X

Since its Apple’s launch event, people are giving a thousand of questions about the new iPhone generation and what is the hottest topic in these days is the iPhone X. As you know, the iPhone X features an edge-to-edge display and the traditional circular home button has been removed. So, it arises a question “How do you  take a screenshot on iPhone X without a Home button? Traditionally, on the previous iPhone models, the method was clicking on both the Home and Power buttons. But with the Home button removal on the iPhone X, here are two ways on capturing the screen now.

  1. How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone X
  • Go to the page or screen you want to capture.
  • Make sure everything is in the screenshot that you want for the shot.
  • Press and hold the Power button on the right side.
  • Now, hold the Volume Up button along with the Power button at the same time. (Volume Up button now replaces for Home button from previous iPhones).
  • You will then see the screen flashing white and hear a camera shutter sound (if you have the sound enabled).
  1. How to Screenshot on iPhone X using Assistive Touch
  • First, go to the Settings appon your iPhone X.
  • Tap on General > Accessibilityand choose Assistive touch.
  • Now tap on the Assistive touch icon and click the Screenshot

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The iOS 11 has come with a lot of new features and one of them allows you to give a preview of the screenshot. The iOS version also lets you edit the screenshot before it has disappeared by using the markup tools without any third-party app.

This was just two simple ways to take a screenshot on iPhone X. You can also do many actions to your screenshot such as adding text, applying a filter or adding anything you like. Hope this post is useful for you and let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.