How To Fix YouTube Crashing On Jailbroken iOS devices

Some jailborken iOS users have recently complained that the YouTube app on their device usually gets crashed when launching the app. When the YouTube app on your iOS device crashes, it seems that because something is going wrong with it. If the YouTube app ever gets crashed on your jailbroken device when being opened, here are some tips you can try to fix the issue.

How To Fix YouTube Crashing On Jailbroken iOS devices

It looks like that from the YouTube update (v11.34) version, it has come with the jailbreak detection.

Some jailbreak users remain to enable the Auto Update for the App Store. So as a result, the YouTube app on their device is always updated to the latest version.

After that when they do several attempts to open the app, but unluckily YouTube crashes upon opening like the rest of them. If you are a jailbroken user, and are facing the same issue, here are a few ways to fix it.

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Downgrade to the lower YouTube version

The first option you should try is downgrading YouTube back to its previous versions. Doing this will guarantee that the crashing issue will be fixed. You can go to Cydia, search and install a tweak, called AppAdmin. It will let you add downgrading option to App Store apps. Your YouTube app will then back  its normal stage.

Using other Cydia tweaks for replacement

Launch Cydia and download and install either YouTube ++ or Cercube 3. Both the apps  will work well with the latest YouTube version. Furthermore, they even offer you some extra features such as native background audio, remove ads, and much more.

However, the YouTube tweaks mentioned above might not work or is not compatible with the latest update, so you should choose the best method for you.

Currently, downgrading back to YouTube v11.33 or lower versions will easily fix the crashing issue on your jailbroken iPhone/iPad. Do you feel this post useful? If yes, let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.