How to Hide Messages on iPhone

We know that many of you don’t feel comfortable when others read your text messages on your phone. There might be something on your phone that you want to share your friends or relatives, but you don’t want others to know about. So we are going to show you how to hide messages on iPhone and keep them untouched from others.

  1. How to Hide Messages on iPhone Lock Screen

When you receive a text message, by default a popup will appear on your lock screen showing a snippet. This might contain some information you want to keep secret.

Disable Message Previews

To counter the issue, you can disable messages from appearing on your lock screen. You will still receive notifications but the preview will not show up.

  • Go to Settings -> Notifications -> Messages.
  • Scroll down until it shows the “Include” section.
  • Here you’ll see “Show Previews” which is set by default to “On”.
  • Toggle it off and make sure the button is in grey.
  1. Hide Messages Notification from Lock Screen

If the first way is not enough to completely satisfy your privacy concerns, here’s you can hide messages on iPhone. Instead of disabling the message preview, you can simply hide the message notification. To do this

  • Go to Settings ->Notifications -> Messages.
  • Look for “Show on Lock Screen” and turn it off.
  • Also, toggle “Badge App Icon” off.

Now, when having any new iMessage or regular SMS, they will no longer show on your lock screen.

  1. Hide the Messages app on your iPhone

Besides disabling the message previews, you can also hide the Messages app on your iPhone. When you want to read or send messages, you need to open the app from that folder or find the app from the spotlight search.

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  1. How to Hide Messages on iPhone’s Message app

This method talks about hiding messages even within the Messages app. However, to apply this method, your device needs to be jailbroken. You can install it on by following these instructions:

  • Launch Cydia on your iPhone.
  • Install HiddenConvos tweak
  • Launch Messages and swipe left a conversation you want to hide.
  • There will have a button “Hide” beside “Delete” button.
  • Tap the Hide button and the conversation will not show anymore.

We hope that one of these methods will help you  hide messages on your iPhone.