Top Five Antivirus Programs For Mac

Nowadays, virus programs or suspicious files are the major concerns of all computer users. One of the best ways to make a better protection is installing an anti-virus program. If you are using a Mac, in this post, we will introduce to you the best antivirus software for MacOS.

Best Antivirus Programs For Mac

  1. Bitdefender Antivirus

This is the most commonly-used antivirus software on the computer. According to an AV-Test’s lab, it can block a 100% of all malware and other threats perfectly.

Furthermore, it will not cause any sort of disturbance as it silently does its job in the background. Here are some available packages:

For 1 Mac:                                                                   For 3 Macs:

-> $39.99 – 1 year                                                    -> $59.99 – 1 years

-> $59.99 – 2 years                                                  -> $89.99 – 2 years

-> $89.99 – 3 years                                                  -> $129.99 – 3 years

You can visit this link to download Bitdefender for MacOS.

  1. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security antivirus software is also one of the best choices for Mac users, as it was shown to block 99.17% of malware. The package includes anti-spyware, safer banking software as well as other smart features.

However, there is an issue as it causes a big impact on system performance. That’s why some people want to go with other faster alternatives. The software offers a 30-day free trial and you will need to pay $59.99 to get the whole package. You can visit their website for more details.

  1. AVG Antivirus Program

Similar to two above competitors, AVG also has a 100% detection rate. However, there is a small minus over those two is that it has a more noticeable impact on performance of your Mac.

The great thing is that it is free for use, despite the limited features. To unlock the full version you will have to pay $69.99. You can find more details on their website here.

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  1. Norton Security

This antivirus falls behind as it scored lower than the top three in AV Test’s lab in terms of threat detection. The detection rate was only at 99.17%. The Norton Security prices at $69.99 but you can go up to five devices if you decide to pay a total of $89.99 instead.

  1. ESET Antivirus

The last recommendation in our list is the ESET Antivirus. It boasts a 100% threat detection rate while still clocking high on the speed charts. It’s the most worthy for someone that is looking for more economical something while it does not compromise on safety.

The program is now available for $39.99, but you can try a 30-day free trial for a test run before purchasing it. You can easily download it from this page here.

Above are the top five antivirus programs for MacOS. Hope you choose the best one for your computer.