How To Fix “Bluetooth Not Available” Issue on Mac OS

Many Mac OS users have recently reported that there was a problem happened with the Bluetooth feature of their device. This error appears after restarting or updating OS X, and the connected Bluetooth devices will stop functioning. If the system displays No Information found, which means that time the error becomes serious and it’s not just the random disconnection. So if you have the same problem with your Mac, here are two methods to help you fix the “Bluetooth Not Available” issue on your MacBook Pro, Air, Mini, iMac, Mac Pro or other Mac.

Methods To Fix “Bluetooth Not Available” Issue on Mac OS

Method 1: Delete Bluetooth Preferences and Reboot Mac

  1. First, delete the current Bluetooth plist file and then create a new one.
  2. Close System Preference and any apps attempting to configure a Bluetooth device to your Mac.
  3. Now use the Finder, and press Command + Shift + G to enter the address: /Library/Preferences/
  4. Locate files, named ‘apple.Bluetooth.plist’ and ‘’ and delete them. However, as they are system folders, so deleting them will need the admin permission.
  5. Switch off your Mac, then wait for a minute before rebooting.
  6. Finally, go to Bluetooth menu or System Preference Panel and sync the hardware again.

If this method fixes the problem, that means the error comes from a corrupted plist file. If this method doesn’t work, you should try another method to get the solution.

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Method 2: Reset System Management Controller on Mac

Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) makes a number of vital hardware settings and power controls reset which can resolve many hardware issues on your Macs. To reset the SMC, follow these steps:

  • Turn off your Macintosh but still keep the power inlet connected to your Mac.
  • Press and hold down Shift + Control + Option and press the Power
  • Now go of all the buttons at once and you will see the MagSafe adapter connector lights change color or blink to show the SMC reset.
  • Finally, turn on your Mac and your Bluetooth device should work as normal

If two above methods don’t help you fix the issue, the error comes from an actual hardware issue with your Bluetooth. In such case, you’d better take your Mac to an official Apple Store for the repairation.