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Five Ways To Fix iCloud Notes Not Syncing On Your iPhone/iPad

Notes that were made on Mac will then appear on iPhone and iPad through the cloud. However, some users have recently noticed their iCloud notes did not sync from their iPhone/ iPad onto Mac. So if you are in the same situation, in this post we’ll show you five popular methods to fix the problem.

But before applying to the methods to fix iCloud notes not syncing, you need to enable notes for your iCloud account. To this, head to Settings -> Mail, Contacts & Calendars or Settings -> iCloud.

  1. Change Default Notes Account to iCloud

To change the default notes account, go to Settings -> Notes -> Default Account and change it to iCloud.

  1. Unselect Notes in iCloud Settings

To fix iCloud notes not syncing problem, you can unselect notes in iCloud preferences. Doing this will delete all local copies of iCloud Notes. To refresh, go back to iCloud preferences and choose notes again.

  1. Delete and Re-add the iCloud Account

Another way you could try to solve iCloud notes not Syncing issue is deleting iCloud account currently being used on your iPhone, iPad, and your Mac and then create it again.

  1. Uncheck iCloud Notes Sync

On your Mac, go to System Preferences -> iCloud and unselect Notes Sync and sign out. After that, log in again, and choose Notes sync and open Notes.

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  1. Restart your Devices and Try Again

If none of these above methods solves iCloud notes not syncing issue, you need to restart your device. To do this, go to Settings -> iCloud and disable Notes before turning off your iPhone.

Once your device boots up, choose notes in the Notes app. If you don’t do procedure correctly, all your notes will stored in the cloud.

Again, head to Settings -> iCloud and choose Notes. After waiting for a few seconds,  Notes will be synced and updated between your Mac and other iOS devices.