How to set up and use Sonos for Mac

As you know, Sonos is a wireless smart speaker system that can connect with your home Wi-Fi network and creates a its own network without eating up your bandwidth.

A Sonos app for iPhone/ iPad is already available, but if you want to have total control from your Mac as well, you can do it easily. You have a library of music; you can now put it all for the good use. Here is how to set up and use Sonos on your Mac.

Set up your Sonos speakers on Mac

First, you need to download the free Sonos Controller app from the iTunes and then do the following steps

  1. Launch the Sonos Controllerapp (from your dock or the Finder)
  2. Click Nexton the welcome screen.
  3. Choose Set up New System.
  4. Now check Standard Setup. You can also check BOOST Setup, but if you’ve recently purchased your Sonos speaker, the Boost or Bridge will not be available. Then click Next
  5. Click on the lock and enter the administrator’s name and password to allow your Sonos player to connect to your Mac.
  6. Once you have plugged in your player, click on Next
  7. Continue click Next after the green flashing light appear.
  8. Choose your Sons from the list in the dropdown menu on the Player Setup screen.
  9. Click Set Up This Player.
  10. Follow the on-screen instructions and click Next
  11. Once your speaker is connected, click Next at the Wireless Setup screen.
  12. Now enter your Wi-Fi network name and password and click Next.
  13. Continue to click Next when it says your player has been added.
  14. Choose Room screen from the menu.
  15. Click the room in which you want to add your Sonos speaker and then click Next
  16. Now, click Add Another Player and follow the same steps, if not, click Not Now.
  17. Click Next on the Sonos Registration
  18. From the drop-down menu, select your country.
  19. Then, enter your zip/postal code and click Next
  20. You can check or uncheck the box to share usage data with Sonos or not. Then click Next
  21. On the “Registration Complete” screen, click Next
  22. Choose the way you want to set up your music library.
    • Click Set up my music nowand Sonos will start adding your personal music library to the controller app.
    • Click I’ll set up my music laterif you want to use music services instead of your music library.

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Finally, click on Done to finish the setup process. It takes you some minutes, but your Sonos system is ready for blasting your sweet tunes.