How To Use Apple TV Remote In iOS 11

The Apple TV Remote is a new feature on iOS 11 version. It allows you to use your iPhone/ iPad for anything that the Siri Remote could do, even voice searches. If you’re running the iOS 11 beta version, you can give this new feature a try. Here’s how you can use it.

Set up Control Center

Before getting started, you first need to set up Control Center. Finding an Apple TV remote in Control Center will help you access to it from anywhere on your phone, even the lock screen. Here is how:

  1. Launch the Settingsapp on your iOS 11 iPhone/iPad
  2. Tap on Control Center.
  3. Enable the Access Within Apps
  4. Tap on Customize Controls.
  5. Here you’ll see a list of control buttons and modules available for your Control Center, simply toggle Apple TV Remote You can also slide it to a new position if you want.

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How to control an Apple TV with iOS 11

Once you’re set up, here’s how you can use the control.

  1. Swipe up from bottom of the screento open Control Center.
  2. Tap on the Apple TVbutton to launch the controls.
  3. Swipe up, down on the large gray area. Tap it to select items
  4. If you select a menu item requiring keyboard entry, then a keyboardpops up on your iOS device will appear
  5. You can jump forwardand back 10 seconds with buttons showing up when something is playing.
  6. Play/Pausebutton is on the bottom-left. Tap Play to play a selected item immediately.
  7. Hold down the Siri buttonat the bottom right to speak your requests, and your answers will display on the TV screen.
  8. Press the Menu buttonagain to return a level.
  9. If you press Homeagain, it will go to the grid of app icons.
  10. Double-tap Hometo open the Apple TV’s app switcher in order to swipe between apps.
  11. Hold Homedown for a few seconds and you’ll be prompted to put the Apple TV to sleep.

The only thing you really can’t do with the Apple TV is controlling the volume. The software remote still lacks volume buttons, and the volume keys on your iOS device cannot adjust the TV volume.

If you get trouble with the Control Center remote, make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or try restarting your iPhone/iPad as it’s still on the beta version