How To Fix Apple Music Not Showing In iTunes

You have signed up for Apple Music on your iOS device, but you also want to experience the service on your Mac. However, it’s very surprise when you launch iTunes on your Mac and you realize Apple Music has already disappeared. This issue might be caused by a bug, or come from a box that hasn’t been checked.

Having experienced this issue previously, we know it is a little frustrating, but it can be fixed easily. If you are not a tech savvy, this issue will not be too obvious. However, like other things relating to Apple apps, the issue comes from the Preferences. So in this post, we will show you how to bring back Apple Music in iTunes on your Mac.

Steps to show Apple Music in iTunes

  1. First, open iTunes on your Mac
  2. Once you are in the iTunes screen, in the Menu Bar, head to iTunes > Preferences
  3. Now you click on the Generaltab.
  4. If the Show Apple Music Featuresbox is not checked, check the box to select it. Also, you probably check the iCloud Music Library box in order to enable that feature. After that, click OK to save your changes.

If the Show Apple Music Features has already been chosen, uncheck the box, click OK, and repeat the above listed steps.

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In our case, we had to uncheck the Show Apple Music Features box first. While Apple Music was previously enabled, the feature was not able to be visible. We unchecked the option, and then turned it on again in iTunes so as to show Apple Music. This is definitely a bug that could make many users puzzle. These are steps to fix Apple Music not showing in iTunes. Hope this small tip is useful for you.