The Reason You iPhone Says Scam Likely

You actually launch the Phone app on your iPhone, but there is a contact suddenly appearing as ‘Scam Likely’, which make you nervous as for a long time you have not  created any new contact. If you are still wondering why you see this text on your Phone app, we’ll explain for you.

Why Do You See ‘Scam Likely’?

This text appears due to a new feature, called ‘Scam ID’ or ‘Scam Lock’, which is brought in by your wireless carrier. If it discovers any unsaved and suspicious number calling to you as a scammer, this number will be changed into ‘Scam Likely’ from the original Called ID.

This is a new feature so you won’t have to worry about facing the trouble of scams. It’s a useful feature provided by wireless providers and was offered by the FCC to indicate detailedly unsafe callers.

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Have You Ever Received A Missed Call From “Scam Likely”?

Any call to your number that was flagged as ‘Scam Likely’ will be displayed in the Recents tab in the Phone app of your iPhone. If you don’t want to see, you can slide the number from right to left and tap on the red Delete button to delete the missed call.

However, this feature hasn’t been released for iPhone users. The other wireless providers are also trying to alert Android users of such potential call scammers.

With this post, we hope that your worries about seeing ‘Scam Likely’ text on your iPhone have already been resolved. If you like this post, share this information for your friends to help them get rid of the confusion as well! Feel free to give us any question in case you have any sort of confusion with ‘Scam Likely’. Keep our websites to get more interesting artciles.