How To Fix iPhone Won’t Play Voicemails

That Voicemail service not working on your iPhone is a very annoying issue. We all know that the service is very important when you call or receive call from someone. The voicemail service is regarded with the carrier you are using on your iPhone. All information from the carrier will be sent to your phone in the form of audio formats. However, many people have recently complained about this problem. So inn this post we will show you methods to fix iPhone won’t play voicemails issues.

Reboot Your iPhone

The first method you should do is rebooting your iPhone. If you have been using your iPhone for a long time without doing the reboot, some problems might happen. We advise you to restart your iPhone regularly after some days or a week. Doing so not only enhance the performance but also fix a lot of software issues. You should restart your device, and hopefully it can fix the voicemail issue. Press and hold the power button until you see the slider. Slide it to switch off your iPhone. After that,  power it back on.

Close and Reopen the iPhone App Again

The second method you can try is closing your iPhone app and  then launching it again. In case rebooting method didn’t take effect, you should try this method. To do this, simply double press the Home button to open all the running apps on your iPhone. Locate the Phone app and swipe up to close it.

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Reset Your Network Settings

The third method is resetting your network settings. This method will fix all the problems related to your network carrier. To do this, open the Settings app on your iPhone and click on the General option. Now tap on Reset and under Reset option, click on Reset Network Settings. It will ask you for the passcode. Simply provide it with your passcode and reset your network settings. Now the voicemail will surely work on your iPhone.