How to Leave the iOS 11 Beta Program Without Restoring

Removing iOS beta versions on iPhone or iPad has been a pain for years. However, from the iOS 10 beta, you can simply delete the iOS beta profile to get rid of it. Doing this will not require downgrading your iOS, it only removes you from the beta program, gives you the access to public iOS versions again and especially you won’t’ have to receive alerts for new iOS beta releases any more. Here’s step to leave the iOS 11 beta program without restoring your iPhone and using a computer.

How to Remove the iOS 11 Beta Program Without Restoring

To remove the iOS 11 Beta Program, you will first need to unenroll from iOS 11 Beta. To do this:

  • First go to Settings > General
  • Next scroll down and tap on Profile
  • Choose the iOS 11 Public Beta Profile.
  • Tap Remove Profile.
  • Enter your passcode and confirm your choice.
  • Restart your iPhone by holding the Power button and slide the slider to power off. After that, power back on your phone.

Now it’s time- confusing. If you’re reading this post just before the final build of iOS 11 rolls out, simply wait for and download and install the public iOS 11. If you’re reading it after the public iOS 11 releases, you should wait until Apple releases other variants of iOS 11 and download it. Regarding to Apple’s website, your iOS device will be unenrolled from the beta program, and when the commercial version of iOS is released, you can install it from Software Update tool.

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  • After you’ve removed the iOS 11 beta profile from your device, go to
  • Log in your account if you have not
  • Scroll down to the bottom and choose Leave Apple Beta Software Program under How do I leave the program?

These are all steps to leave the iOS 11 Beta Program without restoring. If you want to remove the iOS 11 beta on your iPhone/iPad, you can follow above steps to do this. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.