How To Stop Auto Play in App Store In iOS 11

iOS 11 brings a completely new change for the App Store since its first redesign in 2008, coming with a blog-like format with updated interface and video trailers , which Apple calls app previews. They will automatically play after you scroll through the new Apps, Today, or Games tabs.

Auto-playing app preview feature will be very nice if you browse the store while your iOS 11 is being connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. But for those who usually use the cellular data, it’s not a good idea. That time, you should think about turning off this feature so that it does not eat up too much your cellular data. So in this post, we’ll show you the way to disable autoplay videos and let App Store only load them via Wi-Fi only.

Before getting started, if your device is not running on iOS 11 or later, you don’t need to do anything as App Store on older iOS versions never automatically play app previews.

Steps To Stop Autoplay Videos in App Store In iOS 11

  1. First, launch the Settingsapp on your device.
  2. Next, tap on iTunes & App Store.
  3. Now, choose Auto-Play Videos. After that, it will appear a trio of options that help you to decide how app previews behave more easily while you’re browsing the App Store.
  4. Choose one of three following options:
  • On: App previews will automatically play when having both Wi-Fi and cellular connections.
  • Wi-Fi Only: App previews will automatically play on Wi-Fi connections only.
  • Off: Prevents t App Store from playing automatically app previews.

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If you want to disable all features altogether, simply choose the Off option. Doing this will stop autoplay app previews every time you open the App Store, helping you from wasting your expensive cellular data. The app pages will only show a thumbnail of the app preview under the screenshots section.

If you want to play them, simply tap on the thumbnail to play the app preview.