How to Install Fonts on iPhone or iPad

iOS is not an open operating system, so it always comes with many restriction points. One of them is the lack of the customization. It’s very difficult to add your own custom fonts in apps like MS Word on your iPhone/iPad. However, there’s now a third party app that can help you do this. That’s All Fonts app. The app allows you to install any font file in TTF and OTF format directly to your iPhone/iPad. You will no longer have to do anything else on a per-app basis. Here are ways to install the custom fonts on your iPhone/iPad by using All Fonts app.

Transfer Fonts from PC to iPhone or iPad

All Fonts allows you to move font files from your computer to your iOS device wirelessly with the help of the Wi-Fi Transfer feature. However, it only works if both your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. To do this:

  1. First, save the font files on your Windows PC or Mac.
  2. Now, on your iPhone/ iPad, launch the All Fontsapp and move to Transferred Fonts Here, take a look at the top, you’ll see the sharing URL.
  3. Go to your computer, open any browser such as Chrome or Safari and then enter that URL shown in the All Fonts app.
  4. There will be a transfer UI Drag and drop the font files from your computer and they’ll be directly transferred. While doing this, ensure the All Fonts app on your iPhone/iPad is still running.
  5. Once done, the font will now be in the Transferred Fonts

Import Fonts from Dropbox to iPhone or iPad

If you have saved your favorite fonts in Dropbox, you don’t need a computer to help you, instead you can do it directly on your iPhone/iPad

  1. Launch the Dropbox app on your phone and find your favorite font to install, then tap on the font.
  2. Dropbox will prompt you that the font can’t be previewed. Now tap on the Menu button and choose Export.
  3. A Share sheet will now appear, tap on Open in.
  4. Now choose Copy to All Fonts.

The All Fonts will then open and you’ll see the font at the top of the Transferred Fonts list.

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Install Custom Fonts on iPhone or iPad

  1. Once the font is moved in, you’ll see it in the Transferred Fonts list. Choose any font and you’ll its preview. Now, tap on Install Fontbutton at the bottom
  2. You’ll be asked for opening the font in Settings.
  3. The Settings app will prompt if you want to install the profile. Select Install.
  4. In the next popup, tap on Install

Now the font has successfully been installed on your iPhone/iPad. Repeat the same steps for other fonts you want to install.