Bring iOS 11’s Control Center On iOS 10

An iOS developer, named LaughingQuoll has recently rolled out a new jailbreak tweak, which brings a lot of iOS 11’s features to your jailbroken iOS 10 device without having to update the firmware. Called LockscreenXI, it contains the whole iOS 11 Lock screen interface. If you found this tweak exciting, then you should know that the ControlCenterXI is now available in Cydia. It brings the modular Control Center interface of iOS 11 version to your jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

After installing the tweak, you will immediately see the new cosmetics. However, not only the cosmetics, the LockscreenXL also offers a functional aspect as your expectation from Control Center on iOS 11. Simply using 3D Touch or taping and holding, you can easily access to the each module.

Once you enable all switches, it will bring up full-screen widgets such as control music playback, access to all your toggles, adjust the screen brightness, and more. Furthermore, the ControlCenterXI tweak provides preferences pane in Settings for you to configure a few options. Here are options you can configure:

  • Adjust the corner radius of the modules on the Control Center
  • Display the Control Center interface in front of the wallpaper
  • Make the Control Center interface become lighter

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All changes will take effect after you make a respring on your jailbroken device. Fortunately, there is conveniently a respring button at the upper right corner for you. Anyone who has upgraded their device to iOS 11beta would admit that ControlCenterXI offers all convenience of iOS 11 layout for the jailbroken iOS 10 devices. But it doesn’t stop there, as the tweak can also work well with other Control Center jailbreak tweaks such as FlipControlCenter or Noctis.

So if you feel interested in getting ControlCenterXI tweak for yourself, you can grab it for only $1.50 from  BigBoss repository in Cydia.