3 Top Custom Yalu Jailbreak Versions for iOS 10

The Yalu jailbreak has been rolled out for a few months, so developers have created other custom versions of the jailbreak, which contain functionality improvements.

So if you are a beginner, you may be confused with the number of Yalu jailbreak versions. If you are considering about methods, this article will aid that process.

Yalu Dark

Made by GeoSn0w, although the Yalu dark project comes with more UI than functionality improvements, the interface is very impressive. Here’s the full changelog:


  • The interface darker
  • Change Go button into jailbreak now button
  • Add a cool graffiti-styled font


  • Add an option to turn on/off mobile substrate
  • Add certificate (signing) status
  • Add Wi-Fi SSH support

If you would like to try this Yalu variant, here is the link to its page including the iPA files for sideloading.



BlueYalu, made by 1GamerDev, is a redesigned variant of the Yalu Jailbreak for iOS 10.2 version with a number of improvements, including:


  • Add the blue background
  • Delete credits text and add credits button
  • Jailbreak button comes with blurry background


  • Reinstall Cydia switch
  • Mobile substrate switch
  • SSH over WiFi
  • Certificate status
  • Reset Jailbreak
  • Unjailbreak device
  • Much more

BlueYalu is now available and coming in form of an .IPA file for you to download and install through Cydia Impactor. Its latest version is currently 4.1.

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Yalu102-space is a project made by developer jakeashacks, and it’s only compatible with the 10.0-10.2  version for 64-bit iPhone .


  • Add a space-styled custom interface


  • Reinstall Cydia switch
  • Substrate switch
  • Raise vnode limit switch

The link of the yalu102-space project with the IPA file for sideloading using Cydia Impactor is here

The original Yalu version can be installed through Cydia on your iPhone or iPad. However, the IPA still lacks a few essential features, so several users found it difficult to install.