How to take a Live Photo in FaceTime on iOS 11

iOS 11 comes with a range of new features, which is very interesting and necessary for iOS users. From iPhone 6s/6 Plus there is a new feature, called Live Photo, which allows you to act it as a Gif image. Now in iOS 11 and Mac High Sierra, it even allows you to take a live Photo while you are making a Facetime video call with others. This fun feature makes it possible for you to capture memorable shots. So, here is how you can enable taking Live Photos in FaceTime or Mac High Sierra.

Steps to enable Live Photos for FaceTime videos on iPhone/iPad

  1. First, launch the Settings appon your iPhone/ iPad’s screen.
  2. Tap on FaceTime
  3. Enable the FaceTime Live Photos.

You’ve successfully turned on this feature to take  during yours FaceTime video calls.

Take A Live Photo Of  FaceTime Video Chat On your iPhone and Mac

If the person you are intending to make a FaceTime video call has already enabled the Live Photo feature, there will be a camera button during your FaceTime call on the right corner of the screen. For Mac users, simply hover the cursors over the FaceTime window to call up the button.

Once done, you should click or tap on the camera button. The photo will then automatically be saved in your Photos app, no matter are you using iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

After that, navigate to your Photos app and find the recently taken photos. You’ll see them there and they are ready to edit and send to your friends or family.

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If you’re worried about somebody taking a Live Photo of you while you are chatting with them without knowing about it, should be happy. When you take a Live Photo, the partner will receive a notification on the FaceTime screen saying that a FaceTime Live Photo of you was taken.

If you’ve had taken a Live Photo too many times or simply don’t want your friends and family to do that anymore, you can disable the feature so that nobody can do it unless you re-enable it.