How To Fix iPhone 7 Plus Frozen Issues

iPhone 7 Plus is still the latest Apple flagship device with a premium design, an excellent camera and a dominate performance over Android smartphones. However, no phone is perfect, there are still issues go hand in hand with smartphones and iPhone 7 Plus is not an exception. Many of the users have complained that their iPhone 7 Plus usually gets frozen very often for some unknown reasons while they are using it. So if you are facing the same issue on your iPhone 7 Plus, here are the possible fixes for the “freezing” issues.

Restart The IPhone 7 Plus

The first method you can try is performing a restart to fix up a few small issues. If you have not yet to restart your iPhone 7 Plus for a few days, some apps might get frozen or crashing, which often cause your 7 Plus to freeze. So, restart your device first and then check if it is able to fix the issue. If not, then you move to other methods.

Close Running Applications

Sometimes the third party apps installed on your 7 Plus can create such unwanted issue. These apps are unresponsive for unknown reasons which cause the freezing issue in your iPhone 7 Plus. So, simply close that app to see if that brings any changes. To close apps, double- press the Home button to open all the running apps and swipe up to continuously close each app.

Get Rid Of Bad Apps

Is there any bad app on your iPhone 7 Plus? You should remember that Apple does not take responsibility for the third party apps. So if you have installed third party apps that cause the freezing issues on your 7 Plus, try deleting them in order to help the iPhone 7 Plus work smoothly.

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Update The Latest Software

The next method you can try is checking the update for your handset. You should make sure your iPhone 7 Plus is running on the latest iOS version as the latest software contains bug fixes that can resolve many issues on your 7 Plus. So head to Settings > General > Software update to check for the update.

Factory Reset

If none of above methods can fix iPhone 7 Plus freezing issue, then the final resort is factory reset. While this process will absolutely fix the issue, it will erase data on your 7 Plus and you need to start from scratch. So before performing a factory reset, we recommend you to make a backup first.

Now go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Erase all content and settings. The process will take a few minutes, depending on the data on your iPhone 7 Plus. Once done, your iPhone will boot up and the welcome screen will display. After that, simply complete the required steps.