Jailbreak Tweaks: Auto SilentMe, NFCWriter, QuietWhilePlaying

There are hundreds of tweaks released for the jailbreak community weekly. But in this roundup, we will talk about some typical jailbreak tweaks launched throughout the past week that we think they are useful for your jailbroken iPhone/iPad. Here are three our favorite tweaks you should considering installing on your device.

Auto SilentMe

Auto SilentMe is a very useful tweak for those who are always busy as the tweak will be able to automatically make your incoming notifications silence, which is based on calendar events that you have previously set.

So if you want your device to be quiet during your business meetings, or family gatherings, all you need to do is setting up calendar events for them and then the tweak will take care of everything for you without annoying you.

NFCWriter – $3.99

NFCWriter tweak has only been released after the iOS developer, Limneos was successfully hacked the Apple’s NFC chip to work with third-party devices though normally it has been locked.

This new tweak allows your iPhone to interact with other devices, such as tags or collecting data about them. Since this feature is available on many Android devices out of the box, so the tweak will help your iPhone not stay back with other non-Apple devices

From iOS 11, this functionality will be included in the version, but if you are still having a jailbroken iOS 10 device and want this functionality without having to update, then you can launch Cydia, search for NFCWriter and grab it.

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QuietWhilePlaying (iOS 10) – FREE

It’s very annoying when you are bombarded by an onslaught of notifications while listening your favorite music. These notifications interrupt your music playback by decreasing the playback volume, and they can even ruin the best parts of your song.

But with the QuietWhilePlaying (iOS 10), you can easily keep notifications silent while playing your music. Although there are still the banners at the top for you to interact with them, as you don’t hear the notification sounds, your music still keeps playing throughout the notifications.

Here are three typical tweaks we want to introduce to you. Hope they will be useful for you. We’ll continue updating other interesting tweaks for jailbroken iPhone/iPad. Follow jailbreakiphone.info to get more detail.