Here are Top 5 Free Video Editing Apps for iPhone

It could be a video you’re working on professionally, or a video for a social media post that you want to spruce up; but if you need to edit a video simply and quickly while you’re on the go and prefer not to use the Apple iMovie app or Clips app, these are the best five third-party video editing apps on the App Store that can help you do that.

  1. VideoShowHero (Free)

VideoShowHero allows you to change video’s duration, crop scenery, add music, improve and mute the video’s sound as well as alter the speed of it to be quicker or slower. The app also offers some features which are the same as those on Snapchat or Instagram. For example, there are available filters, stickers to put on top of a video. VideoShowHero is among great editing apps, especially for users who are interested in trying different filters.

  1. Video Editor Music, No Crop, Cut (Free)

Apart from similar features of VideoShowHero such as editing the length of a video, adjusting the sound and speed, the app provides user with a distinct functionality. Specifically, you are able to make a collage with your photos on your device and bring it to your editing video.

  1. Splice – a product by GoPro (Free)

Compared to the apps included in this list, Spice is the only one to have the fewest features, however it can completely make users satisfied as both of offered features are easy to use and powerful. If you just want to shorten a video or combine many videos into one, then Spice is a wise choice. Besides, Splice offers the capabilities to edit audio.

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  1. Video Editor for Youtube – Movie Maker, Music Video (Free)

As its name, Video Editor for YouTube lets you to upload videos on YouTube; however, it requires you to use a computer. This seems to be a downside of this app. It will probably be more convenient to post the video by the phone where users directly edit their work.

  1. Filmmaker Pro – Video Editor & Movie Maker (Free)

Unlike the above apps which has 5 star-rating, Filmmaker only makes it 4 stars. To explain, it may be due to the fact that it’s pretty difficult to use. For previous apps, all the features are shown in a bar down the editing screen. However, in Filmmaker Pro, it has two bars on 2 different sides of the editing screen which somehow makes user find it hard to manage editing features.