Coco Enables Tweak to Go Through Do Not Disturb in iOS 9

Do Not Disturb is an easy to use feature included in iOS which let you turn off sound of incoming calls, notifications as well as other alerts at  certain times of the day. Especially when you are working and want to disable all notifications momentarily, the schedule feature really comes in handy.

However, many users wish to see the feature to turn off Do not Disturb for some specific apps. Normally, sometimes you want to mute all notifications, except for some important cases. Fortunately, if your device is already jailbroken, this can be done with the help of a new tweak named Coco.

As you enable Do Not Disturb, Coco can be used to disable it for certain apps as well as keep receiving notifications and alerts from these apps. For example, in case you are looking for mail notification from the mail app, whereas you can turn off Do Not Disturb for Mail, it is still possible to continue enabling the tweak for other apps.

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It is fairly easy to use Coco. Once you’re done installing the app, go the tweak’s preferences pane and then you will see all the installed apps on your device. Next, you just simply need to select the app which you want to disable Do Not Disturb and switch the toggle to off. After that, as Do Not Disturb is turned on your device, you will still be notified by the disabled app.

Users will probably love this app if they’ve ever wished to enable Do Not Disturb for certain apps. However, the tweak has been applicable with iOS 9 only, so if your device is running iOS 10, then the tweak is unable to use.

Coco is free to download in Cydia’s BigBoss and supports iOS 9. What do you think about it?