Best Check Splitting And Tip Apps For iPhone


With the camera usage, Divvy can make it easier to split your bill! All you have to do is taking a photo of your bill and Divvy will automatically calculate the total and taxes included in the bill. Additionally, it can add up the total number of people at the table by the act of dragging the menu items to different people there. This app is also useful when you eat out with a large group of people and order an appetizer for instance, as it can split specific items equally for everyone at the table.

The app costs $1.99 to download .


This app is very easy to use, especially bill and tip calculator which allows user to figure out the totals and tips for several kinds of services such as restaurants, bars, taxis, food delivery, etc. You just simply need to enter the check total, the type and the kind of service you used and the rest will then be handled by Gratuity. If the default rates the app uses for a certain service are not useful for you then changing is possible in the settings preferences.

Gratuity is free to download .

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This app made by Splitwise enables you to split a bill among a group of up to 10 people in different ways. Both the cost of specific items and total bill can be split. Whether you want an equal split, you can make it by just a few taps. Otherwise, you can add bill items one by one then drag and drop them to each individual.

Plates is free to download.


You simply need to take a photo of your restaurant receipt and Tab will automatically import all items and calculate for you. After that, it will ask you to add the number of member involved in and split items for them. Next up, you can add discounts, tax as well as tip percentage if needed. Tab will calculate the cost for each person then.

Tab is also a free app and you can download now.