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Install DismissAnywhere App To Dismiss Notification Alerts On Your iOS Device

iOS users are probably familiar with the pop-up of various alert messages in the center of their screen. There is a lot of reasons why these notifications appear such as buying an app or deleting apps from your Home screen.


As for these alert pop-ups, there are both actionable and cancel buttons to control. However, a new free jailbreak tweak called DismissAnywhere was recently launched by Demy Kromhof. This tweak comes up with a new way to deal with pop-up notification instead of using cancel button. Basically, it will allow you to easily dismiss the alert simply by tapping anywhere out of that alert.

We can see that the Cancel button was hiden by the tweak, which seems to make the screen more orderly in general. In addition, as all of the space is filled by the alert, there is probably a bigger area available for tapping to eliminate the alert instead of tapping on a small button. As a result, you certainly will not tap to the wrong button or do something you don’t intend to. Apparently, DismissAnywhere can prevent us from making this kind of common mistakes.

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However, the tweak has some definite limitations. At the moment, it is not able to manage notification-based alerts which are related to text messages, emails, Facebook, etc… The same happens with banner notification. Realizing this, the developer of DismissAnywhere says that he’s trying to make the app widespread for every one as well as soon release a new update which allows users to dismiss app notification alerts.

Meanwhile, if you are curious about using DismissAnywhere, it can be downloaded from Cydia’s BigBoss repository at no charge. The devices which are compatible with the app include jailbroken iOS 8,9 and 10. Besides, the app offers no option to set up after being installed.