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Check out how to use Bubble effects and emoji of iMessage in iOS devices

iMessage is an instant messaging service of Apple. It allows users to send text, image, clip, sound and location to others who also use iOS devices, easily and quickly. There are a number of updates brought to this service in iOS 10 such as bubble and screen effects, emoji tapbacks, Digital Touch, etc. On your iPhone, iMessage runs along with SMS and MMS which will enable you to contact with others not Apple friends from the same app.

In iOS 10, iMessages has been added new Bubble effects for iPhone and iPad providing users with more enjoyable experience. Here’s how to use those “green bubbles” below.

Steps to add iOS 10 Bubble effects to your iMessage

Step 1: First off, enter your message

Step 2: Next, Press firmly (3D Touch) or long press (no 3D Touch) on the Send button (looks like an arrow shooting up).

Step 3: Select the Bubble tab at the top

Step 4: Then simply tap on the effects you want to select. There are 4 options available including Slam, Loud, Gentle, or Invisible Ink.

Step 5: Finally, tap the Send button to the right of the effect you choose.

In case you don’t want to apply a bubble effect anymore, you just need to tap the Cancel button beneath the effects list which looks like an X.

Besides, iOS 10 version also upgrades emoji of Messages considerably. If you want to try those fascinating ways of expressing emotion, here is how to do it.

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Steps to get 3X emoji in your iMessage app

iMessage can now show emoji which is three times bigger. But you should note that this option is only available in iOS 10 version lately.

Step 1: First off, enter one to three emoji in the iMessage text field.

Step 2: Then simply tap the Send button. (Looks like an upward arrow)

However, when you add more than three emoji, they’ll automatically turn back to its default size. The same happens when you enter both emoji and text.

Steps to emotify an message

Step 1: First off, enter an iMessage text

Step 2: Then tap the Emoji button on the keyboard.

Step 3: Tap on a word which is highlighted in yellow to replace it with a relevant emoji.

Step 4: Next, you can do the same with words you want to emotify

Step 5: Finally, tap the Send button

You are able to create as many emoji for word as possible.