Apple Developing Another MacBook Pro Model without Touch Bar

According to Thom Holwerda, managing editor of OSnews, who have got the information from “people and sources who know their stuff”, Apple has been preparing for an additional MacBook Pro model that will not feature TouchBar. Additionally, sources also report that the company decided to create new MacBook Pros sans Touch Bar as it was surprised to suffer from severe criticism of professional customers who leveled at the latest version of MacBook Pro.

After the launch of MacBook Pro, there have been a number of orders for modernizing previous version of notebooks. Thom also wrote that the orders increased significantly which were even higher after the initial batch of reviews coming out.

That reaction to the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar have absolutely taken Apple aback, as mentioned in the article. Owing to user’s negative responses, Apple is supposed to be developing additional MacBook Pro models without Touch Bar.

It’s still not obvious whether the new Touch Bar- free engines might be introduced silently or as part of a whole new Apple lineups. It is predicted by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that the company will possibly scale prices of the new MacBook Pro product back in 2017 while upgrading up to 32 GB of RAM support.

When compared to its previous model, these notebooks are featured the new 13-incher which is lower than expected and they cost $500 more. Providing that, Apple may be aim at broadening its market for those products by adding more affordable entry-level models to the mix.

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Moreover, as announced yesterday, Thom also predicted that it was not until late 2018 or early 2019 that the Apple’s high-powered modular Mac Pro was released. This can probably gives us clue about how long it takes to bring up a new desktop similar to a Mac Pro.