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Apple started assembling iPhone 6 and 6s in India in 4-6 weeks

Today, the Indian government and the related sources confirm that Apple will continue to manufacture iPhone here despite the government’s failure to meet the tax reduction requirements. At the time of the confirmation, Apple began to produce a variety of iPhone.

In Bengaluru, Apple’s Wistron production partner set up a manufacture plant scheduled to come online in April. This manufacturer will also be responsible for the company’s initial manufacturing work at the plant in Bengaluru and almost every job was done to carry out Apple’s first phase project in Bangalore.

As planned, continuously in the next 4 to 6 weeks, the factory will start producing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s to reach the plan. Also, according to Taiwan’s Wistron contract provider, the company will also produce the cheapest Apple iPhone models, the SE, into its assembly line in about three months.

Apple’s spokesman in India said that Apple was delighted and appreciated the constructive dialogue in extending its activities to the Indian government. In the near future, the company will step up its operations, work diligently, and leverage all resources to create tremendous value in India.

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Earlier, in December 2016, Apple sent a letter to the Indian government about production plans and requests for financial incentives. The Government stated that they would try to “meet” Apple’s tax  as much as possible to create a precondition for developing relations between the two countries.

According to previously reported sources, producing iPhone in India not only exports to other markets but also meets the requirements of the locality.

Many other Apple manufacturers such as Foxconn and Pegatron are also seeking opportunities to make smartphones in the Indian market. According to Apple’s calculations, smartphone manufactured in India is the best way to achieve the target in the huge market with the increasing demand for phones.

At this time, Apple is trying to negotiate to open the first official store in India. As a rule, independent foreign retailers have to take 30% of their local ingredients. While Apple accounts for only 2% of the whole country’s smartphone market, the company is expected to sell about 750 million smartphones by the end of the decade.