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How to mute keywords on Twitter and filter out “eggs”

For a long time, Twitter has had an abuse problem. Whenever uncontroversial things arise, numerous new accounts known as “eggs” will appear which irritates users. In an attempt to against online abuse, Twitter has brought out new filtering options with the aim to filter out some main conduits on the platform.

The advanced filters allow you to mute notifications from people you do not follow, folks who have not verified their mobile phone number, and especially people whose “egg” accounts have no profile image. Because “eggs” accounts need a default avatar to assure the abuser’s identity, so they often have bad fame under the eyes of users. In case the abusers are blocked from the app, they will go on creating another account to achieve their purpose. When their main aim is to annoy others, there is no reason for them to waste time establishing a full Twitter profile or confirming email, phone number, avatar, etc.

Steps to approach Twitter’s new Advanced filters and mute “egg accounts”

  1. Open the Twitter app.
  2. Tap the Notifications tab.
  3. Tap the setting icon (it looks like a gear) on the top-left corner
  4. Tap Advanced filters.
  5. Choose the Advanced filters you wish to use.

Back in November, Twitter added a new feature that allowed you to mute phrases, keywords, and more in your Notifications, but it has now been improved as you can prevent definite items from your timeline indefinitely.

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Steps to mute keywords in your Twitter timeline

  1. Open the Twitter app.
  2. Tap the Notifications tab.
  3. Tap the gear icon on the top left corner.
  4. Tap Muted words.
  5. Tap Add enter a word, phrase, or hashtag that you want to prevent.
  6. Type in the word you like to mute.
  7. Click mute from Home timeline to make the keyword from disappearing in your Twitter timeline.
  8. Tap For how long to set a time limit for muting.
  9. Tap Save to complete

Thanks to the Muted words feature, we do hope that you can reduce the abuse you may have confronted on the micro-blogging service.