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How to Downgrade Back to the Old WhatsApp Status on iPhone

As the recent WhatsApp update, which has added a new feature, called Status, the WhatsApp users has made more complaints and negative comments about it.

Unlike the traditional text-based status that most users have been used to, the new WhatsApp Status feature has been added in order to compete with Snapchat Stories.

After your WhatsApp has been updated this feature, it will let you post your current status through images and photos and media files shared via WhatsApp Status will expire after the 24 hours period. Since this feature is being rolled out to users already, and many of them currently do not like it.

How should you find if WhatsApp Status has been enabled?

The answer is very simple. When the Status feature is enabled on your WhatsApp app, it will replace the Contacts menu at the bottom menu, even your favorite shortcut, Contacts. I think that explains why many of you hate the new feature. So in this post we’ll show you a solution to remove Status on your iPhone and bring things back into where they were.

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How to Disable the Status feature in WhatsApp

Note: To disable this feature, your iPhone needs to be jailbroken first, you could follow this post to jailbreak your device. Once done, just follow the given steps below:

  1. Launch Cydia form your Home screen
  2. Go to Sources > Edit > Add
  3. Enter the following URL: http://capt.dreamcode.it/
  4. Search a tweak called No Statuses and install it.

This tweak will do several actions to your WhatsApp app. First, it will delete the new WhatsApp Status feature. Then, the tweak will re-enable the Contacts menu at the bottom of your screen.

That’s all you need to do to disable the Status feature in WhatsApp. If you feel this post useful, let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.