The Best Five Alternatives to Nintendo Switch

Some of you get luck when you preorder successfully the upcoming Nintendo’s hybrid mobile/console gaming system. But for those who are not lucky, how will you do? Don’t worry, here are best five alternatives Nintendo Switch you can choose while waiting for the Switch to be available on store shelves.

  1. Wii U

The first one in the list we’d like to introduce is Wii U. It can be seen as the best alternative to the Switch as it features a Game Pad, while there is nothing like the pull-out display for the Switch. You can play hundreds of famous games such as Mario Cart 8 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And especially, you should choose it is that it’s not much more expensive than the Switch.

  1. New Nintendo 3DS XL

If you want to experience some mobile Nintendo game, the new Nintendo 3DS XL is absolutely the best choice for you. You can play your Super Mario Cart right now, instead of having to wait for a month after the Switch is available.  A new games feature relating to local multiplayer options is that you can connect your 3DS with your friends and race, compete, or trade them during the long day.

  1. NES Classic Edition

Nintendo’s retro bundle is a mini version of the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is preinsstalled with 30 classic games, including The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy and more. It looks like the NES version of our childhood and even you still see the iconic classic rectangular controller.

You can get the NES Classic Edition at Amazon and Walmart right now for around $160 waiting for the Switch but the price might fluctuate. It’ll cost between $100 and $120 on eBay.

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  1. Apple TV

If you are not really a heavy gamer and don’t want to pay a lot of money, you should think about the fourth-generation Apple TV. Apple TV is a great alternative when comparing to the price, content, and living room multiplayer playability.

There are hundreds games that are compatible with Apple TV, and some of them are near console quality, like Leo’s Fortune, or Dungeon Hunter 5. Apple TV is cheaper almost of console systems, and the games are a small amount of the price. In addition, you can watch TV shows and movies on it as well!

  1. iPad

The final alternative to Nintendo’s Switch we recommend to you is the iPad. You can play pretty much LEGO games on iOS, and all of them are Mfi compatible. Some of them you can download and play for free in the first few levels, and even at full price, they are still cheaper than console cartridges.

In addition, there is also a range of fantastic RPG games, puzzle games, and action arcade games right at your fingertips, so if you’re reading this post, then stand up and get one iPad for you to play some LEGO: Batman, and relax while everyone else is expecting for Nintendo Switch.