Know How You Can Use the Touch Bar with the Mac App Store

Dear all MacBook Pro users! Have you ever thought you can use your fingerprint to purchase on Mac App Store and access content requiring your Apple ID password? Not only does it help you easier to download apps and games, but you can also create a complex Apple ID password without worrying about how often you will have to re-enter it. Now, with the Touch Bar, and Touch ID, you can use your fingerprint instead of typing in any strong, annoying password. Here is how to do:

How to use Touch ID to make Mac App Store purchases

There isn’t much to do with the Touch Bar in the Mac App Store, but Touch ID is necessary on the MacBook Pro. You can make any purchase; check your account settings, and more only with the touch of your fingers.

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Ensure that you’ve registered your fingerprint with Touch ID before using the feature in the Mac App Store.

  1. Open the Mac App Store.
  2. Choose a Mac appthat you have not previously downloaded yet.
  3. Click on Buy.
  4. Enter your Apple ID passwordwhen you’re prompted.
  5. Select Yeswhen asked whether you want to use Touch ID for purchases in the future.

From now, you can use Touch ID to make any purchase in the Mac App Store without having to enter your Apple ID password every time.

How to customize the Touch Bar for the Mac App Store

There are some sub-menus that Apple could have included to help using the Touch bar special. For instance, when viewing an app’s summary page, users can see a secondary Touch Bar list of tools like copying the link, sharing it on social networks, and sending to a friend.

Apple has always the ability update the tools and options to customize the Touch Bar, and so we can hope more in the future.