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Steps to Fix ‘The Application is not Open Anymore’ Error on Mac

Mac OS is user-friendly operating system, and the error messages are somewhat very small. But many Mac OS users has recently encountered a common error happening with their Mac that is the ‘The Application Name.app is not open anymore’ error. This is most common issue with the stock Apple apps like Steam, Finder or Preview – which is installed on a Macintosh system no matter what happens because these are main core components of the Mac ecosystem.

If third party apps show error like “the app is not open anymore”, you may troubleshoot the issue by following some common procedure. However, troubleshooting the above-titled issue is not difficult. We’d like to guide you through the process if you are having in the same trouble.

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How to Fix ‘The Application is Not Open Anymore’ Issue on Mac

  1. The easiest way of killing an app in the Mac OS is doing a force quit with the app that is getting the error. To do that, press and hold Command, Option, and the Escape buttons at a same time. When the box appears, select the associated app to force quit.
  2. However, you may not see the associated app may in the Force Quit Application list at all. This time, you should use the Activity Monitor to kill an app.
  3. Navigate to the directory /Applications/Utilities/ and look for the app associated with the error. You can narrow the application list by filtering the app first with alphabet and then hit the kill button.
  4. Once your app has been killed, just re-launch the app from Dock or Finder. You’ll see the issue solved.
  5. In case for some reason, you cannot launch the app and still encounter the same error, repeat steps and before trying to re-launch the app, restart your Mac first.

Once you have completed all the steps correctly, the Mac OS error “The Application ‘Name.app’ is not Open Anymore” will be resolved and you can use the app again.