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Know How You Can Change Default Download Location in Chrome for Mac

Google Chrome is considered as the best web browsing software. Many of you might regard which is better browser and the majority of different opinions will revolve around Mozilla Firefox and Safari, but we  must still admit that Google Chrome retain the most web browser used on the computer.

By default, the download location of Chrome on Mac is the Download folder. If some users don’t have any action with the app settings, the download location still stays there. However, changing the download location to a folder of user’s preference in the Mac is easy enough, we’ll guide you how to do this in our post today.

How to Change Google Chrome Download Location on Mac

The procedures we are about to tell you work for Mac OS, Windows and even Linux. Of course, the directory structures will be different and your individual platform will need to work on that, but the basic is the same.

  1. Open the Google Chrome usually placed on the dock in Mac OS. In case you have deleted the dock icon, you could find the app icon inside Applications.
  2. Once opened, go to Chrome Settingsusually known as Preferences. You can get there either by clicking on Preferences from the Chrome menu on the top left corner, or simply typing in this directory: chrome://settings/.
  3. Here, a lot of settings and options would display on the screen. Scroll down and find ‘Show Advanced Settings’ on this page.
  4. You’ll see the ‘Downloads’ section located on this section. Once you find it, click on ‘Change’ button next to Download Location
  5. Chrome will then ask you to change the new directory where the downloaded file will be saved by default. At this point, both Mac OS and Windows OS have similar procedures.
  6. Go to the new Download location. Desktop is usually a good choice for your files, or you can choose a specified folder in your hard drive. Then, go to the location and select the default location for downloaded file directory.
  7. Once done, just exit Settings.

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Now the download preferences have been modified, any download will be saved to the file directory that you have changed. Do you feel this post useful? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment below.