How to Sign out/ Stop Notifications from Game Center

Game Center is a present app on your iPhone/iPad and even on your Mac, but all of the notifications sent by the Game Center can sometimes make you feel annoyed. However, luckily you can manage them by logging out to get rid of the annoyance. Read this post to know more about how to sign out/ stop notifications received from Game Center.

There are some games that require logging in the Game Center to play. If you have such games on your device, you can simply manage the notifications you want to receive.

  1. Sign out Game Center on your iPhone/ iPad
  • Open Settings from your Home screen.
  • Tap on Game Center.
  • Tap on your Apple ID and ‘Sign Out’

Now, you will not have to receive any notifications from Game Center.

  1. Manage or Disable Game Center Notifications on your iPhone / iPad
  • Open Settings > Game Center. You will see a list of option to disable.
  • Disable ‘Allow Invites’ to help you stop getting invites related to games.
  • Disable ‘Nearby Players’ to stop being notified about nearby players and receiving their invitations.
  • Disable ‘Contacts’ and ‘Facebook’ to prevent personalized friend recommendation.

You can also navigate to Settings > Notifications > Game Center. From here, disable ‘Allow Notifications’ to stop all of them. Or you can also manage your notifications by turning off Badge App Icon, Show on Lock Screen, Sound…

  1. Sign out the Game Center on your Mac
  • Open the Game Center App by going to Spotlight search (Command+Space), then typing in Game Center, and pressing Enter.
  • Click on Accounts > Sign Out.

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  1. Stop or Manage Game Center Notifications on your Mac
  • Open System Preferences > Notifications.
  • Now, click on Game Center.
  • You will have the permission to access to four options (Show Notifications on Lock Screen, Show in Notification Center, Badge app icon, and Play Sound for Notification).
  • You can check all or just one of them among the options depending on how you want to manage Game Center Notifications

If some games do not allow you to sign out from Game Center, you can still login whenever you want.

On iPhone/iPad: Go to Settings > Game Center and login using your Apple ID.

On Mac OS X: Launch Game Center app, and click on Account & Sign in.

Above is the way to sign out/ stop notifications from Game Center on iPhone/ iPad and Mac. Feel free to share your opinions, and let us know how you manage your Game Center notifications.