How To Erase All Content on Apple Watch Without iPhone

You usually set the passcode to secure your Apple Watch, as usually you save many critical details like debit and credit card information and Apple Pay details that are used frequently to make mobile payments.

But if you enter the wrong passcode 6 times in a row, the Apple Watch will kick you out. Moreover, you’ll see the message “please try again in a few minutes.” That time you can reset your Apple Watch with 2 options are resetting Apple Watch passcode and erasing all data on Apple Watch. This can be done with your iPhone paired with your Apple Watch. But in case you don’t have an iPhone, what you can do. Follow the steps in this post to erase or reset Apple Watch without iPhone

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How to Erase All Settings and Content on Apple Watch without iPhone

First, before following these steps, you need to make an iWatch backup.

  • Grip your Apple Watch.
  • Press & Hold down Side button until the Power off slider iss visible.
  • Force touch on Power Off.
  • Tap on “Erase all content and settings” when it appears.

If this method do not worked with your Apple Watch, then on your Apple Watch, go to Settings > General > Reset to erase all content and settings directly without using your paired iPhone.

That’s all you have to do. Now set up and pair your iPhone and Apple Watch again. Restore from backup if being asked.

Erase all content and Settings on Apple Watch with iPhone

In case you forget the passcode, you can take this official route.

  • On your iPhone, open “Watch App”.
  • Tap on “My Watch” and then “General”.
  • Head to “Reset”, tap on “Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings”, and then confirm your action.

That’s all about the way to erase all content and settings on your Apple Watch with and without iPhone. If you feel it useful, share this post with other people so that they can gain some helpful knowledge.